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MRA Exam Question full solution 2021

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Micro credit Regulatory Authority today take a MCQ exam for several types of post all of the examine can see their exam question and solution here.

MRA Exam Question full solution 2021

Post Name and Vacancy:

  • 1. System Analyst-01
  • 2. Programmer-02
  • 3. Computer Operation Supervisor-01
  • 4. Maintenance Engineer-01
  • 5. Assistant Director-24
  • 6. Assistant Programmer-02
  • 7. Assistant Maintenance Engineer-02
  • 8. Senior Computer Operator-01
  • 9. Computer Operator-02
  • 10. Office Assistant Cum Data Entry Operator-03
  • 11. Data Entry Operator-05
Exam Date: 05 March 2021 
time: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM  
AD Total Candidate: 20055 


MCQ Part Solution: 

MCQ Part Solution: 

১. ভাষা আন্দোলনে একুশে পদক-২০২১ পেয়েছেন কতজন? উত্তরঃ  ৩ জন
২. ম্যাকাও কোন দেশের অধীনে? উত্তরঃ চীন
৩. Lehava কোন দেশের সংগঠন? উত্তরঃ ইসরাইল
৪. ইউনেস্কো ঘোষিত মাইক্রোক্রেডিট বছর কোনটি? উত্তরঃ ২০০৫
গণিত অংশ সমাধানঃ 
১. If 738A6A is divisible by 11, then the value of A is? উত্তরঃ 9
২. 3^(n+4) – 3^(n+2) = 8 What is the of n? উত্তরঃ 2 
৩. 3 litre of water is added to 11 litre of a solution containing 42% of alcohol in the water. The percentage of alcohol in the new mixture is? উত্তরঃ 33% 
৪. A can do a piece of work in 24 days, B in 32 days, and C in 64 days. All begin to do it together, but A leaves after 6 days and B leaves 6 days before the completion of the work. How many days did the work last? উত্তরঃ 20 
৫. If Diagonals of a rhombus is 10cm and 24 cm. Find its perimeter? উত্তরঃ 52 
৬. In a group of 6 boys and 4 girls, four children are to be selected. In how many different ways can they be selected so that at least one boy should be selected? উত্তরঃ 209 
৭. There is a point inside a circle,. What is the probability that this point is close to the circumference than to the centre? উত্তরঃ 3/4 

৮. P, Q, R are employed to do a work for TK. 5750. P and Q together finished

 of work and Q and R together finished

 of work. Wage of Q, in Tk. is? উত্তরঃ 1000 

৯. If log2 = 0.3010 and log 3 = 0.4771 find the value of log 25? উত্তরঃ 4.31 
১০. f 40 men can make 30 boxes in 20 days, How many more men are needed to make 60 boxes in 25 days?
উত্তরঃ 24
১১.  উত্তরঃ out
১২. উত্তরঃ occult
১৩. উত্তরঃ acrostic
১৪. উত্তরঃ abuse
১৫. উত্তরঃ critical
১৬. উত্তরঃ Italy 
১৭. উত্তরঃ Arthur Conan Diyle
১৮. উত্তরঃ Missiologist
১৯. উত্তরঃ Prosody
২০. উত্তরঃ Masque


Written Part Solution: 

Written Math Solution: 

a. A train is running at a speed of 40 km/hr and it crosses a post in 18 second. What is the length of the train?
উত্তরঃ 200 m 
b. Kamal will complete work in 18 days. If Shaheen is 20% more efficient than Kamal, in how many days he can complete the work? উত্তরঃ 15 days 
c. A train travels at an average speed of 100 km/hr, stopping for 3 minutes after every 75 km. How long did it take to reach its destination 600 km from the starting point? উত্তরঃ 6 hours 21 minutes 
d. If 2x= √1024, what is the value of x? উত্তরঃ 5 
e. what is the smallest number by which 3600 be divided to make it a perfect cube? উত্তরঃ 450 
f. in an examination a student scores 4 marks for every correct answer and loses 1 mark for every wrong answer. If he attempts all 8 questions and scores 120 marks, how many questions does he answer correctly? উত্তরঃ 40 
g. A bank offers 5% compound interest calculated on half-yearly basis. A customer deposits Tk. 1600 each on 1st January and 1st July for a year. At the end of the second year, how much will he receive for from the bank from his deposit? উত্তরঃ 3489.125 
h. A reduction of 10% in the price of a pen enables a trader to purchase 9 more for Tk.540. What is the reduced price of the pen? উত্তরঃ 6 
I. A, B and C start at the same time in the same direction to run around a circular stadium. A completes a round in 252 seconds, B in 308 seconds and c in 198 seconds, all starting at the same point. After what time will they again at the starting point? উত্তরঃ 46 minutes 12 second 
j. If log5(x2+x) – log5(x+1)=3 find the value of x? উত্তরঃ 125 
সম্পূর্ণ সমাধানের কাজ চলছে….আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন…


MRA Exam Question full solution 2021 1

Microcredit Regulatory Authority Question solution 2021

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